Thursday, April 20, 2006

Possible "Super Catholic" Card Designs Unveiled

In entrepeneurial enthusiasm, Brandon Well unveiled this morning possible designs for the "Super Catholic" punch cards he proposed to end Catholic Identity debates at his alma mater, RBCU.

"I really think this could work," he said. "I tried to design cards with a sense of fun and respectability. The student's ID picture and infor would be on the back. As these are works in progress, feedback is welcome."

Again, administration at RBCU maintains no comment.

"I like to call this one 'The New Evangelization' card," noted Well.

Well adds, "This one really denotes the sacramentalist understanding of God in the Catholic tradition."
"This snake card really speaks to the culture of death," musess Well.
"Whereas this design recognizes that in a world of darkness, Christ is our only light. Even fireworks are reflections of his light."

"And this is the traditional style, which will appeal to young conservatives in the Church."

Well smiled. "Somehow, I think this one will be a hit."


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