Friday, April 28, 2006

Truth is Stranger... #3: It's Sacred Oil! Or Chapstick! Whatever you want!

For only $5.95!

From the website (bold added):
"These fine products are produced for Christians who prefer to anoint with balm type ointment rather than oil. All four of our balms are highly genuine, having been compounded of the most premium ingredients procurable. These wonderful balms are for anointing, blessing, soothing, consoling and have a calming influence. Exclusive formula promotes healing for small wounds, scratches, cold sores & dry, chapped lips. They can be used as an excellent protective lip gloss. BALM OF GILEAD has a pleasant, woody-balmy fragrance while BALM OF HEALING has the same, lovely scent of the high quality imported FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH used in our anointing oil for many years. BALM OF SPIKENARD has a spicy, woody fragrance, as used in our Spikenard Anointing Oil and BALM OF MYRRH offers the soft sweet scent of myrrh."

This is reason #1,659 I am glad I am Catholic. We don't buy combination lip gloss/sacred oils over the net.



Harrison said...

Oh my gosh, this is true!


Julie said...

LOL! Nice catch!