Sunday, April 16, 2006

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction #2: Easter Oddities, secular style

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

In case you're wondering how some of our secular brothers and sisters celebrate the great mystery of the Resurrection and the triumph of love over death, please, peruse the links below.

We begin with:
Dogs in Easter Bonnets.
(Ah, but it's for charity. Think this is what Benedict XVI meant in Deus Caritas Est?)

Why not buy a relic (using the term loosely) on Ebay?
Satan and Christ duking it out on an Easter Egg.
(OK, this is "religious" name...but just bizarre. And look at the price...not exactly spinning through the EBay world.)

Couldn't quite figure this one out. But it's quite the visual image, eh?
Chocolate Eggs Fall From the Sky.
(Sorry, no pictures! Wouldn't THAT be special!)

Oh, the persistence of original sin.
The Easter Bunny gone bad.
(This is "you tube" video; the end does include some off color commentary.)

Last, but not least:
Easter Greetings, in a psychedelic, quasi-artistic, non-religious, alien kind of way.
(aka "Seurat weeps.")



Anonymous said...

wow, some of that is just odd.
I found your blog off Dawn Patrol--the title intrigued me.

CMinor said...

Okay, so we crayoned stick figures on a hard-boiled egg, added food coloring, and now we think by concocting an improbable story we're going to get money for it?