Tuesday, May 02, 2006

All Together: "In the city or in the woods..."

"...help keep Cath-o-lics...looking good. Hoot hoot!"

Could you sing that? Then the latest call to the moral life may be for you. A local webmaster has released a new web campaign to raise the moral conscience of Gen-X Catholics by incorporating a nostalgic favorite of 1970s public service announcements: Smokey the Bear.

"I think it will go over big," said Francis Delton. "I mean, it just came to me, and I couldn't get the d$%^ jingle out of mind for three days. That has to have an impact on the formation of moral character, right?"

Delton is using The Ironic Catholic as a resource for others to keep pride at bay. "Pride is one of the cardinal sins, you know," he said. "And whoever this I.C. character is ...clearly she has no pride whatsoever. I mean, she laughed when a mack truck hit her, for crying out loud. That isn't humility, but it's definitely weird. Weirdness may not be a virtue, but it isn't a sin, and therefore moral improvement in the Christian life."

Delton plans to roll out his "Smokey the Sage Catholic" moral pronouncements over the next few weeks.

--I.C. (Hoot hoot!)


Anonymous said...


Bears don't hoot.

Youre thinkin of Woodsy Owl.
Give a hoot, don't pollute.
Smokey Bear doesnt care so much about trash in the forest, he just doesn't want you do burn the damn thing down.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Sure bears can hoot...

Oh dang it. I can't talk my way out of that one.

OK, I'm kind of the old side of GenX--and I think I just had my first senior moment. Sigh.

Check--don't pollute
Check--don't burn forests down
Got it.

(The 1970s didn't set their environmental standards too high, did they?)

The Ironic Catholic said...

I did mention I have no pride right?