Thursday, May 18, 2006

Theologians Respond to Discovery of Liquefied Mammon at the Gas Pump

On the heels of the groundbreaking discovery that automobile fuel is composed of Mm, or Mammon, theologians of the Catholic Academic Religious Minutiae Association (CARMA) immediately announced a forum to be held at RBCU this Saturday at 1pm, in Lourdes Hall auditorium.

In a public relations release, Bob Turner of RBCU announced "Six local theologians involved in CARMA will be presenting papers that attempt to delve into the ontological depths of the recent discovery of Mm and gasoline. People are encouraged to come and participate in the thoughtful examination of this juncture between faith and getting to work."

The papers announced are:

"'I wish I knew how to quit you!': Can't get to God in a Hummer"

"Igniting the Fires of Hell With Gasoline: Symbols, Society, and Sinfulness"

"What Happens When Sin Costs $3.00 a Gallon, and It Used to be Free?"

"Ethanol: The Not-so-innocent Mixture of the Earth and Evil"

"Hybrids: Or, 'the lukewarm I will spit out of my mouth'"

"'My yoke is easy, my burden light' and the Chemical Weight of Mm"

The public is encouraged to attend by walking.



Michelle said...

LOL this is hilarious!!

A few years ago my priest was giving a series of sermons on sin. The first one was on the sin of pride, and he listed ways you can know you suffer from the sin of pride. He ended the list with "no sense of humor." If you can't laugh at yourself, you clearly have some pride issues.

Needless to say, one of his favorite shows was the Simpsons. :)

Glad to have found your site (via Susan).

The Ironic Catholic said...


Thanks! Hey, I was excited to stumble upon the *Solicitudo Rei Socialis* blog (I teach Cath Soc Teaching on occasion) until the first post that pops up was "We're shutting down".

Wah! Always a day late and a penny short.

Come laugh anytime!