Monday, May 22, 2006

Truth Is Stranger #6: No Cream Cakes for Pilgrims to Poland! International crisis looms!

Sometimes I wonder if reporters have nothing else to do but find the most banal angle of a story. (The problematic dessert at right...yum....)
Take-away sales of ice cream and cream cakes will be off the menu when Pope Benedict XVI visits the southern Polish town of Wadowice, birthplace of his predecessor John Paul II, officials said.

"Cakes and ice cream can easily go off in summer temperatures and can pose a danger to health," said Bozena Okreglicka, a spokeswoman for local health inspectors.

"Go off"? What, like the cream cake explodes? Or...melts?



The Ironic Catholic said...

Don't you just wish there were a potential video of pilgrims straining to see Benedict XVI and all the sudden...cream puffs exploding in people's faces everywhere!

Ah, I can dream.

Dream of exploding cream.

Peter Brown said...

I think "go off" here is a British usage meaning "spoil". But I will say that your exploding-cream visual is a heck of a lot more fun :-).