Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Truth Is Stranger...#4: The Kingdom of God is Like a Soccer Field...

...where all the birds of the air could shelter in its goal nets.

Jews to referee vicars against imams in pre-World Cup friendly
Wed May 3, 4:02 PM ET
BERLIN (AFP) - Christian ministers will tackle Muslim imams in a pre-World Cup friendly officiated by a Jewish referee as part of an initiative aimed at increasing understanding among religions, it was announced.
It's not a Monty Python sketch; see for yourself: the "goal" of interreligious dialogue in contemporary culture.

Wait a minute, Ecumenists--don't feel left out! From the same article:

Churches of different Christian denominations are also organising a series of events including festivals and concerts under the banner "kickoff2006 - Kick-off Faith," using football's global appeal to promote tolerance and unity.

"Kick-off Faith"? Did you think they thought that title through?



Anonymous said...

The Goodies had an amazing religous soccer sketch years ago. Hilarious. Might be on the Net somewhere.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Monty Python had a great faux soccer match populated by philosophers decades ago...I'd love to see that again!

(I still remember the line "Schopenhauer--kind of surprised to see him in the lineup, actually....")