Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Ironic Catholic Haiku Winner, and Worthy Finalists

First, thanks for the fun, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this. We had around 65 entries!

Many of the entries made me smile. I have to say, a sociologist would look at this and say many Catholic bloggers have some...um, "issues"...with the state of liturgy in the current Church. And I think a lot of us must have small children, given the entries on keeping them quiet in Church. Otherwise, there was a nice mix of entries.

The finalists and winner were chosen for their entries' "gentle satire" and the entirely subjective IC smile-a-meter. It was hard to choose a winner, actually. So great job, folks!

If you won, or are named as a finalist, and you want a small button for your blog that says "IC Haiku Winner" or IC Haiku Finalist", please email me at ironiccatholic(at)yahoo(dot)com . I'd be happy to send it to you for your use!

Worthy finalists!

Cell Phone Rings At Mass
Too Ashamed to Answer It
We All Know It's You

--Andy, Musings of a Catholic Convert

He's trying incense
Large pest problem near altar
Call Orkin instead


Young tot evades Mom
Strips bare from pew to altar
Must be named Francis

--Tim Canny, The Lapped Catholic

I always wondered
Why is God a mystery?
Guess I'll never know.

--Anne Watson

Convert's Anguish

The Creed is so long:
We believe in one God . . .umm . . .
*Sigh* . . . review again.

--Danielle Chervin

And drum roll please....

The winner and champeen!

Keep losing temper,
Which saint am I to pray to:
Anthony or Jude?

--Tim Ferguson

Now don't let the fame go to your head.

See some other notable entries here....


Kathy said...

Didn't have the time
To enter haiku contest.
Try again next time.

Lindsay said...

Just so you know, the link to the "notable entries" is broken. I found the post easily by going to the homepage, but you probably want to fix that.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Kevin said...

Hooray! My girlfriend is a finalist! Danielle doesn't have her own blog but she wanted me to thank you for so honoring her.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Kevin, tell Danielle congrats!

I'd make a "My girlfriend was a finalist at the Ironic Catholic Haiku Contest" but that may be just a tad long... :-)