Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Liturgy Translations May Cause Demand For Roofless Churches

(Left: The potential view from the imagined St. Mary's Church of Utah, courtesy of Glazing Vision.)

Breaking news on liturgical reform in the U.S. from the Washington Post.

The Ironic Catholic has heard that new liturgical wording of the Mass in the United States will likely create a new architectural wave called "the Open Air Church."

As a Post article (above) notes, "The prayer said before Communion would become 'Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,' instead of 'Lord, I am not worthy to receive you.'" The architectural firm of Jennings and Sommerville, Ltd. revealed that they had already had two calls about roofless Church buildings.

"I think we can do it," mused Byron Jennings. "Maybe a retractable roof like so many stadiums have. "

But--why a roofless Church?--is the obvious question. "I can't say for certain, the two who called were a bit scattered by the breaking news," said Julia Sommerville, "but I think our contacts were concerned that the translation was a little stilted and people would take it literally. You know, self-esteem would take a blow. So perhaps a retractable roof would ease the minds of Catholics receiving the Eucharist."

"I like the notion of 'The Open-Air' Church," argued Jennings. "We'll be happy to start building as soon as a capital campaign has been started in each parish."



famulus said...

In the "Post" article referred to above, trusty Fr. Tom Reese is cited, stalwart custodian of Tradition that he is, bravely speaking out against the bishops' radical and dangerous liturgical innovations (such as translating 1st person singular verbs correctly):

"Before the meeting, the Rev. Thomas J. Reese, a senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University and a Jesuit priest, said the new Mass would 'cause chaos and real problems, and the people who are going to be at the brunt end of it are the poor priests in the parishes.'"

Note the strange irony of the reporter describing the translation proposal as "the new Mass".

Note also the delicious irony of Fr. Reese, media favorite and insulated Georgetown academic, telling us about the plight of "the poor priests in the parishes".

The Ironic Catholic said...

Paging Bobby McFerrin...
someone is being serious and doing a personal attack....

"Don't worry...
be happy

(don't worry be happy now)
doodoodoodoodoo, dooda dooda doodydoo...."

all together!

fjl said...

Provided they still keep the canopy up on the steps in Rome in summer aren't we okay? I mean I'd hate to lose Michelangelo's doma only to discover we were incorrect... and it had to be put back ...six months later.. :-)

I love this blog and laugh every time x

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this blog!