Thursday, June 01, 2006

Top Ten Pentecost Culinary Delights (Smoke Alarm Required)

Planning your shopping trip for the weekend? The Ironic Catholic suggests meals that may help us remember the descent of the Holy Spirit through the Pentecost:

  1. Fajitas (Beef or Chicken)
  2. Bananas Foster
  3. Grilled Brats (If you're from Wisconsin)
  4. Pineapple Rum Flambe
  5. S'Mores
  6. Kabobs
  7. Flaming Pineapple Boat with Shrimp
  8. Campfire Vegetables
  9. A Dove Bar (chocolate, not the soap)
  10. Beef Tongue


Pentecost Quilt picture by Linda Schaefer, see here.

1 comment:

Andy K. said...

Thanks for clarifying I should eat the ice cream Dove bar, not the soap. That was a good public service announcement.