Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Discovered

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil--the fruit of which fell Adam and Eve in Genesis 3--has been discovered growing near the Euphrates river, according to an archeologist.

Archeologist Kenneth Bankwith announced, "Our long search is over. Having found it, we humbly suggest Adam and Eve should have known better. The tree looks eerily like a human face, symbolizing how humanity chose to reject its own creation and ceded to its lust to 'be like God'."

Local interpreter Asad Mubarak, who has worked with the archeologist for years, said "All I can say is I have seen many strange trees in my life and this tree-face spooks me like nothing else."

The tree's fruit was scattered across the ground in ripe fullness. Although Mubarak admitted the fruit looked "good for food," to date, no one in the archeologist's party has touched the fruit.

"Smells delicious, though," mused Bankwith, licking his lips.



CMinor said...

Nice touch, having the archaeologist be the one nearest giving in!

Martin said...

If he eats it then a large bandaged wrapped monster will follow him and kill him.