Thursday, June 22, 2006

Truth is Stranger #10: But For The Grace of God Go I...

Soccer-mad Thai Monks Too Tired To Take Alms (or, the continuing challenge of the World Cup on all the religious of the world).

Chiang Mai chief monk Phra Thep Wisuthikhun said he had received complaints about "inappropriate behavior" at seven temples in the province. "It is the duty of the abbot of each temple to supervise the behavior of young monks, making sure that their religious activities will not be affected by the games," he told Reuters.

In neighboring Cambodia, some 40,000 monks have been warned they could be defrocked if they became too excited while watching the games.

Musicians' Ashes Buried in Clarinet (or, an argument for reversing the policy allowing cremation)

Roger Busdicker went out on a high note. When Busdicker, often seen playing his ebony-and-silver clarinet, died last week at the age of 88, his daughters thought it befitting to have his cremated remains buried in the instrument.

"One of my sisters found the clarinet in a closet," said Sue Enger, of New Richmond, Wis., one of Busdicker's daughters. "All three of us decided it would be appropriate to bury his ashes in it."

Faith is risk. Running 'round naked--to impress your would-be betrothed that risk is good--is stupid. Plus you can get shot.

A marriage-minded man ran naked through his neighborhood, trying to show his hesitant girlfriend that taking risks is important.
The couple were discussing marriage early Wednesday when the woman said she wasn't sure if she was ready, according to Ann Arbor police reports.
I'm guessing her decision may be made.


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