Thursday, July 13, 2006

Amazing Zucchini, How Huge The Yield

The Zucchini Chronicles I, The Zucchini Chronicles III

Amazing Squash! How huge the yield
That must be canned by me!
I made some bread, some mashed, some soup,
But more squash now I see

'Twas squash that taught my heart to fear,
How many can I cook? I was peeved!
How precious did that sweet bread appear,
The hour I first believed!

Through many squash borers, droughts, and blight,
I have already come;
'Tis squash that has brought me safe thus far,
And squash lead me home.

When I've been picking 10,000 years
In the bright shining sun
I've no more ways to share God's squash
Than when I'd first begun.

Beautiful rendition of the real tune, truly.

--I.C., clearly losing it


Tim said...

Truly inspired. I suspect the office ZucMail will begin shortly as the gardners among us begin to harvest and try to humanely dispose of the prolific green monsters. When the first ZucMail comes around I think I might reply with a subject line of "WARNING! Soylent Green Is Zucchinis!"

Subimonk said...

When we can burlesque a trite hymn like "New Brittain" (aka Amazing Grace) then we've come a long way towards its demise. Thank you for helping in that pious work.