Friday, July 28, 2006

The Anti-Virtues, Ironic Style

(Find the above image here.)

And now for a commercial message....

I was reminded while reading the SkyMall magazine on my plane--where you can buy all kinds of expensive didn't-know-you-needed-them cool gadgets and business-savvy "inspirational" pieces--of one of my favorite ironic sites, I'm tempted to post every image on its site. Go check them out while I recover from vacation!

Stay cool.


Cajun Nick said...

Those were great. I'd like to repeat my favorite here in the combox, but I'd have to use 10 or 20 comboxes.

Thanks, IC.

angelmeg said...

YOu were missed. I kept forgetting you were on vacation and clicking over on my daily blogstroll because with my studying and whatnot my short term memory is really impaired (which doesn't bode well for midterms this week)

I love the despair messages. After two days of philosophy classes they are very apropriate.

welcome back, again.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks Angelmeg. And good luck on the midterms....