Thursday, July 13, 2006

But What Kind Of Grace Comes Like Zucchini? (aka The End Is Near)

Efficacious Grace, o'course:
A special grant of Almighty God by which a soul incapable by its own natural resources of placing a certain action positively conducive to eternal salvation, is endowed with new powers, becomes an adequate principle for eliciting the act in question, and without being forced by the pressure of God's grace, freely but infallibly performs the salutary action which God by His help prompted and made possible.
--New Catholic Dictionary

Therefore, BEHOLD!
Left: Efficacious grace at work. (Source--and whoa baby, it's a weird one.)

Right: Or, in honor of CMinor's experience, Efficacious grace at work II. (FYI: those are tomatoes, not blood.)


(The Zucchini Chronicles I, and II)


The Kitchen Madonna said...

On my website, I ask if squash is a virtue, which virtue would it be? We obviously have a different take on these lovely little treasures from the earth.
But that is fine, there is room on the squash- zuchinni continuum. Makes me sound like a caffeteria kinda girl.
The Kitchen Madonna

The Ironic Catholic said...

great! theological argument! I love it!

(where on your blog?)