Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grace Comes Like Zucchinis

(The abundance of God, left: source.)

The "Grow Your Spirit" Gardening Club of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, New Gloucester, Georgia, has released a new devotional booklet for the late summer gardener: Grace Comes Like Zucchini Squash.

"I was weeding in the church's community garden, despairing because we had no tangible fruits of our labors, and lifted up those mammoth squash leaves, and surprise! Seven zucchini! No peppers, no tomatoes, no beans, no corn yet, but literally buckets of zucchini. So I began to think about how God provides for us in all ways through squash, and decided to write my musings down," said master gardener Serafina Rubowitz, 83.

The devotional has a religious meditation a day, along with useful gardening tips and zucchini recipes. A sampling of the devotional reflection titles are "Cooperative Grace: The Creator, The Sower, And The Yield", "Amazing Grace: How Huge the Crop That Must Be Canned By Me", "The Zucchini Seed That Fell on Fertile Ground...," and "Spreading the Grace: Presenting Zucchini So It Will Be Accepted By Others".

The booklet is available in the parish hall after Sunday Masses for $3.00, or for free if you take some of the church garden's zucchini home.


(The Zucchini Chronicles II, and III)


M. Swaim said...

I know a Sister with the same name, though she uses a "ph" instead of an "f." And she delivers underpriveleged babies, rather than zucchinis. A good woman.

CMinor said...

For me these days, Grace comes like tomatoes!