Monday, July 17, 2006

I Love, Love, Love EMusic

Ok, this... is a pitch. (Middle C!)

And a different pitch. Yes, I've become an affiliate of emusic (the large flashy ad at left), mostly because I was thrilled to see they have lots of Catholic music downloads, cheap (in fact, the first 25 are free). So if you want to get--for free or way cheap--downloads of Richard Proulx, Latin Mass Gregorian Chant,the Notre Dame Folk Choir, David Haas, and my personal favorite, the Rennas' Catechism Rap (variety being the spice of life), please click...


...and check them out. I've been enjoying this service thoroughly.

I encourage you (not entirely altrusitically but with honest music-listening glee) to give this a whirl. All kinds of different music you can try out...who knows, you may even (gasp) like one of those songs you never expected to like....


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