Friday, July 07, 2006

Larking around for humor...

And I found it, with AngelMeg's help, with the Evangelicals.

Check out some of the faux headlines at the July 2006
Churches Adopt Mascots (with pics!)
Presbyterian Church USA Launches Ambitious Plan To Lose Only 5% of its Members
Evangelical Scholars Solve Book of Revelation's Mysteries (read this one, click through for the rest of the story as directed, and think about what you see a bit)

Hat tip to AngelMeg at Transcendental Musings.



angelmeg said...

Welcome to Larkaholics Anonymous. the Lark is a bit like Lays potato chips . . . you can't just read one, you are hooked.

You will be anxiously awaiting the next issue.

El S. said...

Oh, man, I was all the way back to March. That was ridiculous! Its like watching a car accident: you know you shouldnt be enjoying this, but you cant take your eyes off!

-El S.