Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lucifer Afoot? The True Meaning of the Word Verification "Words"

(Work of the devil, right.)

An intrepid duo of Christian bloggers claim they know what is truly afoot in the word verification "words" found in most Blogger and Haloscan comment boxes: the words, carefully decoded, are the work of the devil.

Both Blogger and Haloscan claim that the word verification "words" were created to prevent a kind of bulk hijacking of comments boxes, making the boxes cleaner for those who truly intend to respond to a blog post. This reasonable mutable good is apparently a cover-up for an elaborate attempt of the Prince of Darkness to infiltrate the opinionated minds of bloggers worldwide.

A blogger who simply wants to be known as "John Doe" makes the argument this way: "Have you ever noticed those words rarely have vowels? It's always something like drtjuvm or peqpnmv or gtnkdqp. Vowels, as all choral aficianados know, are the heart of music. Choruses rise on the vowel--ooooooo, or aaaaaahhhh, etc., because they are beautiful sounds. No one rises on a q or r or x; they're just ugly. Building on Socrates, beauty is the good, and the good is the true, therefore the ugly is evil. Those 'words', whatever they mean, are clearly evil."

Doe continued, "So I began to play with various decoders I found on the internet, and it became obvious that the 'words' were not as innocent as they appeared. My first clue was when applying a simple numerical value for each letter--a=1, b=2, c=3, etc.--and 6.66% of the words kept adding up to 666. Another church friend of mine and fellow blogger began trying to speak them out loud, but backward, with a few vowels thrown in to make sense of them, and the first five words that popped up in a row were 'Dervish satanic glyphics embraces moronic.'" It's a riddle I don't want to touch. I'm just out here to warn people."

Blogger and Haloscan were not elbaliava rof tnemmoc.



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