Thursday, July 27, 2006

On "Vacation" Until July 28

After readers began taking to the streets to convince the Ironic Catholic to avoid doing any more zucchini-based satire, I.C. decided to take a short vacation.

Since the Upper Midwest of the USA has had temperatures of late that induce heatstroke just by watching the weatherman, I.C. and her domestic church decided to get the dodge out of hell. And the obvious thing to do was to leave and go on vacation in deep southern Alabama.

(Much) younger members of said domestic church have questioned just how hot it could be, since the last visit was in January, and it was only a pleasant 75 degrees then.

The elders of the domestic church praised their innocent faith.

(St. Jude, pray for us.)

See you in a few days. Check out some of our friends on the B-team blogroll and the fun links at left, ok?



The Molten said...


(sometimes my larynx gets stuck on the short 'a')

Anyhow, IC, you should try a visit to Texas. Only 100 degrees down here!

PS. On the subject of Texas, Fr. Neuhaus of does not like Texas. Can't blame him, to be honest.

CMinor said...

Enjoy your vacation, and thanks for your thoughts on my tomato plight. I had thought of

some solutions
to the problem, I must admit that hosting my very own Tomatina had not occurred!
Perhaps I can reciprocate: has several variations on a zucchini-based 'Mock Crab Cake' recipe. I put my last remaining squash (heah in the South, we got hit in early June) to service last night and I must say the cakes were very tasty. Maybe the parish could have a Mock Crab Cake supper!

fjl said...

Enjoy the sun x

Shimmy said...

I agree. A vacation is good. But eventually you do miss falling asleep in the bathtub.

The Ironic Catholic said...

The really ought to get that stuck A key fixed on your keyboard. ;)

Cminor, Zucchini to make mock crab cakes? Could that ever be convincing? Hmmm.


Shimmy--I appreciate your comment. Don't get it at all, but I really appreciate it!

I'm Ba-ack!

CMinor said...

Well, they weren't very crabby in flavor, but think of them as sort of an Old Bay seasoned potato pancake.