Saturday, July 08, 2006

Truth Is Stranger #11: Sometimes, Your Reward Is On Earth. Maybe.

The St. Paul Saints baseball team honors the team masseuse and sister with a bobblehead doll (and really, you've got to see the picture to appreciate this fully).

It was never Sister Rosalind Gefre's dream to have her likeness immortalized as a bobblehead. But once the St. Paul Saints got the idea of honoring their back-rubbing nun with a Sister Gefre figurine, the massage therapist learned to accept it.

"I pray a lot. I just said, 'Jesus, it's your business,' " she said. " 'Whatever happens, it's in your hands.' "
(I don't think that was an intentional pun....)

But on Saturday, it'll be all about her hands. The first 1,500 Saints fans who arrive at Midway Stadium will receive their own Sister Gefre bobblehands — a miniature statue of the attention-spurning sister herself. The figure stands with outstretched spring-loaded wrists, as if ready to work out those troublesome kinks.

Certainly a twist from the ruler-snapping stereotype, eh?



Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. It's very interesting.

Ray from MN said...

The St Paul Saints, even with the Twins in the Twin Cities pull in over 5,000 per game and had over 10,000 one night a couple of weeks ago for a special promotion.

Sister Rosalind has been a "star" of the team since the first season when Mike Veeck, Bill Murray and others started the team. That first season, Mike was regularly seen taking tickets from the folks who appreciate baseball for the fun of it.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ray, I used to live in the Twin Cities. I have nothing but affection for this story and the St Paul Saints...good family-centered fun.

Thanks for the "deep background." ;)