Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Book Review: Dancing With Cats, or why "I'm spiritual, not religious" can be scary

Dancing With Cats, a book review by I.C.

Every once in a while, a book leaps off the shelf and into your liver.

A friend of mine received this book as a joke: people dancing with cats to heal various spiritual distresses and draw on feline energy. This is a case of parody that is so deadpan as to be freakishly scary. Oh, and it isn't marketed under humor. Bookstores want the cat lovers of the world to swallow this whole. And it will be quite a challenge, but... I think certain cat lovers are up to the job. (p.s. I like cats! Stop clicking on comments right now!)

A few representative quotes:
"I share its grace, power, and oneness with the universe. I relate to Fluff and the whole spectrum of feline physicality on a profound level--I even regard birds differently."

"Dancing with Zoot helps Sue reenact and come to terms with the joy and sorrow of a brief but painful relationship: when she fell in love with her daughter's father while he was photographing bridges in the neighborhood."

"For Ralph, the actual dance itself always begins with the Invitation. "I come right down to the cat's level and begin purring really loudly. Then I push one foot out behind like a tail and flick it from side to side in the feline 'let's go' signal.... {I} begin to hum something that seems just right for the moment. It could be one of Handel's oratorios or a sprightly chakra cha cha. The faster it is, the higher Petipa leaps."

"There's a simple exercise you can try right now as you sit in front of your computer. It's one of a number of what we call mirroring exercises that will allow you to bring your body into an energy-centered relationship with your cat and prepare you to dance with it... a simple purring technique. Remember that purring is the way a cat modulates its energy reserves in order to restore its psychic equilibrium."

An R-rated review that pleads with the powers of the universe that this book not be for real, including some admittedly remarkable (but still completely bizarre) pictures from the book.

A PG-13 rated BoingBoing review which uncovers that it IS, thank heaven, a parody.

And finally, the authors have their own site (where you can find the picture above).

p.s. ...still watching the second half of The Iron Theologian! Recap soon!


Tim said...

That is so stupid it stretches the imagination....

Sister Mary Martha said...

Apparently no one told them animals do not have immortal souls... except for St. Rock's dog and Katmir, the dog of the Seven Sleepers..and I think the Blessed Mother had a German Shepard named, "Gerturda".

Kasia said...

I love my cats. I talk to them. I even sometimes talk back on their behalf ("Hey, woman! We're hungry! Feed us!").

I would NEVER dream of dancing with them as some sort of spiritual endeavor. I don't know whether it's more weird or scary.