Thursday, August 31, 2006

Butter Sculptures of the Saints Proposed to Evangelize State Fair Attendees

Photo left: A Princess Kay of the Milky Way butter sculpture. Source.

St. Paul, Minnesota: A local Catholic evangelism group has made a proposal certain to whip up emotions and melt some hearts: create refrigerated butter sculptures of the saints as a means to evangelize the hoards of visitors at the Minnesota State Fair.

"As all Minnesotans know, there is a long tradition of each Dairy Princess in Minnesota creating a "Princess Kay of the Milky Way" butter sculpture every day at the Minnesota State Fair. People crowd in rows deep to watch these dairy princesses in action*, as these butter sculptures can take hours to create. We propose that we ride on the coattails of that idea and get local youth groups to create butter sculptures of the saints," said organizer Declan MacCauley of the Catholic Youth Evangelism League.

When asked the obvious question--why butter saints?--MacCauley argued, "People would be inspired by the dedication of the sculptors to stand in a plexiglass refrigerator for hours, bringing ancient models of faith to life for the masses. And there is something about the butter itself as a medium. You know those Tibetan Buddhist monks, creating those elaborate sand drawings, only to sweep them away? The butter sculptures can work similarly: they are reflections of beauty by their ephemeral nature. Because let's be honest, you take these babies out into the Fair and it's suddenly melted goo for your fried-something-on-a-stick."

MacCauley said if his group could get permission to evangelize at the State Fair this way, they would consider branching out into St. Paul's Winter Carnival with "Ice Saints".

"If people will come from all over to see those Peanuts statues in the park, I think we may get a few takers with ice sculptures of the doctors of the Church," said MacCauley.

*Those of you not from Minnesota--I promise you, this part is absolutely true.


Ray from MN said...

Great idea, I.C.!

But we're going to have to have some kind of selection process to determine not only which Saints are to be featured each year, but who the models will be that the butter carver will need to aid in the carving. Holy Cards just aren't big enough.

In the olden days, you could have chosen the models from among those who had ransomed the most pagan babies, but political correctness doesn't allow us to do that any more.

Maybe the choice could be made from among those who had logged the most hours in adoration chapels. One sees a nice variety of folks there.

The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, I was thinking--the ice statues aren't that bad an idea, really! Up and down Summit Ave? Or each church do their own patron, and then a friendly competition to name the best likeness? ;)

Oh, we can "blow up" those holy cards until they're big enough!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Or we could just rename those butter sculptures. The one above is a ringer for Queen Esther.

angelmeg said...

Then we could take pictures of the scuptures and put out a line of Oleo Cards.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Oh my. For one thing, the saint in the holy card is always prettier than the saint ever was in real life. Much, much prettier. How pretty can butter make someone, really?

The up side is that spending all that time in the refrigerator carving a butter saint bust is great for the souls in purgatory if you swing it that way.

Maybe they should let people watch them carve them with a big sign in front of the refrigerator stating the number of hours that have gone toward the souls in purgatory. That might be inspiring.

And finally, is the butter saint going to go to waste after? It's a sin to waste that butter but I'm not sure how I'd feel about eating the face of Rose of Lima...especially Rose of Lima..she had enough problems with her face.