Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sign #578 Of The Impending Apocalypse

...Because clearly this ad is trying to arouse a thirst that only caffeinated sugar water can fill.

Note how the condensation becomes holy water.

Hat tip to 50 Days After. And if the embedded video doesn't work for you, try following this link instead.



angelmeg said...

We passed this around the School of Theology last fall. There are a few seminarians that would qualify to star in this commercial.

I really liked it but it scandalized some people, I can't imagine why?

Ray from MN said...

Is the link working? Nothing happens for me. Or might it be my "Model T" computer?

Tony said...

This is one of my favorites! I had lost the link before. I'm glad they "YouTubed" it :)

Patrick said...

I find it questionable for the sign of the Cross to be used for commercial purposes. Otherwise I liked it. Faced with such, ahh, temptation, the priest does not toss aside his collar and seize the moment. Instead he does the right thing.

The commercial shows that it is possible for a man to overcome his basic urges, which is not a bad lesson to show young people these days.

The Ironic Catholic said...

AngelMeg, I'm still not sure how I feel about this commercial. I mean, the Church has survived far worse, and I appreciate the humor in the situation proposed. Then again, I don't watch more than two weeks of TV a year (when I'm visiting parents, and that is what they do in the evening). I avoid TV in part because I think most commercials are pretty much evil; they convince you that you need things you don't and you are things you are not. This one is at least *amusing*.

Ray, I added a link that your computer may handle better.

Patrick, I agree there is a good message embedded in the commercial, intentionally or not.

Ray from MN said...

Thanks, I.C.

Being on the geezer side of life, I must admit to falling on the "scandalized side" of the reaction.

Maybe I've followed the "Crisis" too closely.

But the last three seconds were good! The Sign of the Cross is the one thing that saved it from being sacrilege.

Actually, the Sign of the Cross has saved many things, including me.

Centurio said...

In Hoc Signo Vincis, Ray.

But why is a priest necessary for advertising Coke? Why not a shaman, or a rabbi, or a minister?

You'd think some folks don't really believe in "diversity".

God bless y'all,

Centurio exercitus Dei

whimsy said...

The Samaritan woman thought she could do Jesus the favor by giving Him drink; instead He gives her the gift of everlasting Life.

A Shaman, Rabbi or Minister can't give that insofar as the above are not in persona Christi.