Friday, August 11, 2006

Top 100 Ironic Reasons to Be Catholic: 100-91

A new recurring feature....

100. Christian Initiation is more involved than just signing into the membership book at the church office.
99. When someone decides to use glitter rather than ashes on Ash Wednesday (God bless them)...there are consequences.
98. When singing in the choir, it's helpful to remember that the people listening are ordered to forgiveness before receiving Eucharist.
97. Hand puppets during homilies are (generally) discouraged.
96. Stephen Colbert is on our team.
95. We've got the Laser Monks!
94. Instead of just being can be a mystic.
93. Instead of just being an emotional can have the gift of tears.
92. Instead of being an extreme can be a contemplative.
91. We've got theology; others have choir practice.

(See the whole series here.)


Anonymous said...

God bless your charity regarding the glitter ladies.

Me? I just pointed and mocked.

Sister Mary Martha said...

I may have to rap some knuckles here!

Anonymous said...

Are you really Colbert is on our Team?
Strangers With Candy

Once a Comedy Central series, now a movie, featuring, among others, Stephen Colbert (who, while certainly entertaining, is (probably) not "one of us" ("us" being more conservatively than liberally inclined Catholics). From the USCCB review:

A prequel to the Comedy Central cable television series of the same name, the vulgar farce "Strangers With Candy" (THINKFilm) revolves around a 47-year-old misfit, Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), recently released from prison, who to reform her life goes back to high school where she competes in a science fair with some nerdy students against a team of popular kids. By undertaking the project, she hopes to coax her dad (Dan Hedaya) out of his "self-induced coma," for which her former ways were partly to blame.

Stephen Colbert, so sharp in Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," plays the school's gay Christian science teacher, Chuck Noblet -- he teaches creationism and his periodic table of elements is shaped like a cross -- who is having an affair with a male colleague.

I think we're so thankful for every Catholic tidbit that we tend to think a bit wishfully, in this case about Colbert. Of course it's hard to tell given his tv persona, I guess he purposely keeps himself vague. As far as Strangers with Candy goes, I watched that show a few times a few years ago, I found the main character too disgusting looking (made up) to bear.

posted by Gerald Augustinus at 2:43 AM

The Ironic Catholic said...

I'm basing Colbert's Catholicism on his own self-confession in interviews, backed up in some very Catholic moments in The Colbert Report.

I know SWC got slammed by the USCCB, and I haven't seen that movie or the series.

So...who knows but God, but I'm taking the man at his word here, that's all.

Athanasius contra mundo said...

Maybe one of the great reasons to be Catholic could be our patron saint against oversleeping, St Vitus (When he was boiled in oil a rooster was also thrown in).

angelmeg said...

Why is it that anonymous always says things like that?

The character that Steven Colbert played in the movie was questionable, but I'm pretty sure playing a character in a movie isn't grounds for excommunication.

He can be on my team anytime.

I love this post IC keep them coming.

Tim said...

I like the contemplative item!

Anonymous said...


CMinor said...

I'm giggling loudly and awaiting 90-81!

Anne said...

Please tell me is a joke... These people can't really be serious, can they? "Remember you are stardust, and to stardust you shall return"??? lol! It has to be a joke.

...... It is a joke, isn't it? In case you can't tell, it's starting to make me nervous.. >_>