Saturday, September 16, 2006

Even More Horrible Church Signs (With Commentary)

From the one of the funniest sites, well, ever: Crummy Church Signs.

"Gain the World And Lose Your Soul. Deal or No Deal."
submitted by frequent
contributor Nickie Albert, Mobile, AL
Um...I'd like to phone a friend?

"God Specializes."
submitted by frequent contributor
Nickie Albert, Mobile, AL
So do prostitutes. I think the key is "In what?"

"A child of the King should bear some family resemblance."
submitted by frequent contributor David Jacks, TX
Hey! I just rained fire and brimstone down on my students the other morning! Isn't that good enough?

"Prosperity is to understand how God does things."
Anonymous submission from Auburn, IL
Well, if you can get past the terrible sentence construction, this sign is still pretty much awful. I wonder if they have ever heard of this little idea called "faith"?

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The Kitchen Madonna said...

This is a good sign put up by some well-meaning Baptists who really need to head it: "Without the Bread of Life, you are toast!"
Exactly. Run not walk to the nearest RCC.

Eleni said...


The Roman Catholic Church does not hold the copyright on the Bread of Life. What about the Syro-Malabars, the Melkites, the Ruthenians, the Ukrainians, the Romanians and others. All Catholic. All in Communion with the Pope of Rome. And what about our Orthodox brothers and sisters -- they have it, too. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches both agree that each other offers Christ to other in the Liturgy -- even if they are not in communion with each other. I would say run to the nearest church with apostolic succession.