Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Ongoing Challenge Of Children's Faith Formation

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Johanna Holmes said...

I had a suggestion. I'm in my last semester for my theology degree at the University of Dallas and I'm about to be e-martyred for explaining how homosexuality is *not good* from a Catholic perspective. While I know that the Church is right and people are far more vicious when they can be anonymous, it still sort of gets under my skin. What would really make me happy would be to be able to play a form of Bingo (perhaps called "Papist" or "Anathema") to keep a score card of various heretical positions as well as commonly tossed about insults. It would really make it less disheartening to keep getting blasted as a homophobe or misogynist if I was getting points for it. Think you might be able to do that?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hmm, Johanna...that's not a bad idea... but I'll have to think about it. It may not be the Bingo you're describing, but let me mull it over.

Congrats on being in your last year of school!

Ray from MN said...

About when I was a junior in high school, lo these many years past, Father Dermot O'Doherty, straight from the old sod, who once showed us samples of his amateur art, the main piece being IRA members planting a bomb under a British armored car, the serial numbers of which matched the years of the frequent Irish rebellions, was my religion teacher.

(How's that for a rambling sentence)?

Anyhow, one assignment was for us to write an essay on the Passion and Death of Our Lord.

We all turned it in. The next day one student, who I won't identify but clearly remember, was asked to stand and Father O'Doherty, in tones of disbelief and amazement, asked him why a word for word transcription of the Gospel of Mark on the subject was considered by him to be an essay.

Nothing further was said. We were as amazed as Father was. It would have been a lot harder to write a word for word transcription than just paraphrasing which was probably what most of us had done.

Tim said...

That's good!