Friday, September 08, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI: A man who wears many hats

My name is Benedict. I am the Vicar of Christ.

I am a humble servant of the Lord.

Above source.

I am a mortal, aware that the flesh burns in the sun. And I feel like a cowboy today.

I am a Christian who venerates the Communion of Saints. Especially St. Nicholas.

I am a man deeply regretting giving in to the whimsy of these pilgrims. Especially with a camera about.

(Who thought, amid the hopes and fears that swirled about this Pope's election, that we'd end up with such a stylin' pontiff?)

9-13 UPDATE: The man just won't stop! See Open Book for the latest on HatWatch.



Christine said...

I love all these old styles that our Holy Father is wearing! Every time I see another picture of him in something that looks new, I find it's about 600 years old or so!

As Rev Tevye would say:


Ray from MN said...

Maybe if they would allow men to wear hats in Church, we would see a resurgence of stylish chapeaux for the males of the Faith.

As long as they make them in 7 3/4, I'd be OK with that.

A lot of the older parishes still have those little "hat clip holders" attached to their pews.

But maybe "Hussar Models" like the last one shown on Pope Benedict's head might obstruct too many views.

Carolina Cannonball said...

The Pope... more wardrobe changes then a host @ the Emmy's :)

angelmeg said...

I think when he moved into the new digs he went rummaging around in the basement and found all the old popewear and has gone nuts.

He is a bit like a kid in a costume shop isn't he.

I think it is a bit refreshing.

Dean said...

It's definitely one way to show his sense of humor, and fashion. You can tell the people connect with him when he does that.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Quel jolie chapeaux. I think. He's a one man Bible movie. There's a lot of strange hats itn those, too.