Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Truth is Stranger #20: Evangelicals Confessing Online

The "strange" part? Not that Evangelicals (and everyone else) want at some level to confess sin aloud. But online?

The very public and international forum of the Internet has helped to highlight for many Christians the importance of and the need for confession. In recent years, a number of websites have emerged that provide surfers an outlet to express their wrongdoings and the brokenness in their lives in search of healing and a peaceful spirit.

One such website is, which is managed by evangelical Christian minister Rev. Craig Groeschel, the founder of LifeChurch. He told the New York Times that the large number of anonymous accounts he reads on his website have affirmed his belief in the need for confession.

LifeChurch set up as a forum for people to confess anonymously on the Internet about a month ago. Since then, it has received more than 150,000 hits and more than 1,500 confessions.

Full story here (thanks, hubby!). And a hat tip to The Daily Eudemon and Happy Catholic as well.

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Laura said...

The real irony? That the pastor's last name is "Groeschel"!!