Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Caption Contest #4

Please add your caption in the comments box. Then check out the comments at Locusts and Honey, from which I shamelessly lifted the image.

(Update: You all are too good...a three way tie.
CMinor: New from Vermont Teddy Bears...
Pope Bearnedict XVI!
Jeff Miller: ...gladly the cross I Bear
Piomagnus: Finally, Elisha's bear has been ordained.)



PioMagnus said...

Finally, Elisha's bear has been ordained.

PioMagnus said...

"A warmer, Gentler church"

Anonymous said...

Papa Bear!

Jeff Miller said...

Finally two sayings can be combine.

Is the Pope Catholic?


Does a bear **** in the woods?

Or gladly the cross I Bear

Tim said...

It is a little known fact that the Teddy Bear Picnic is always preceded by a Teddy Bear Liturgy.


Presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church USA 2010.

Tony said...

Habemas Ursam!

angelmeg said...

I like Tim's.

I have nothing, sadly, though I did think consumerism has gone a bit far when they dress a bear up clergy. It's bad enough when clergy acts grisly.

CMinor said...

Darn it--you've all got me laughing and I can't think of anything!!

I must admit I particularly like Jeff Miller's, though. And the guy on Locusts and Honey who submitted,
'Does the Pope live in the woods?'
'Is a bear Catholic?'

CMinor said...

Okay, my DH, Dminor and I put heads together and managed to come up with one; here's our collaborative effort:

New from Vermont Teddy Bears...
Pope Bearnedict XVI!

Try not to yawn too loudly, please.

Augustine Aquinas said...

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.