Monday, October 23, 2006

Caption Contest #6

Go at it, everyone. (Source.)

Winners!: "uAin't" by Tony at Catholic Pillow Fight, and
"iGod, uSinner" by Tim the Lapped Catholic.


Tony said...


angelmeg said...

I give up.

Tony's was just too good.

Mine was going to be:

When you absolutely have to make Him in your own image.

but Tony's is so much better and more succinct too.

I bow to his superior wit.

Gregory said...

#1: This Sunday, Father Shirley Maclaine's sermon, "Self-Confidence". (And you thought Vatican II was liberal!)


#2: Isaac Asimov's little known Christian sci-fi novel.


#3: iGod. The God in your pocket.

axegrinder said...


"3 merit downloads with every rosary said"


Tim said...

iGod, uSinner


While he considered the iGod campaign to be an effective use of popular culture to garner attention for the Church, Father O'Toole thought his idea, "iAm", accomplished the same effect in a more sophisticated and cerebral manner.

The Ironic Catholic said...

FYI, folks--in tiny print on the bottom of the poster it says "download homilies at this website". So the point isn't that this guy is God, but you can lisen about God on your IPod.

Having said that, yeah, it begs your interpretation....

Ray from MN said...

Free Wireless Connections 24/7

Daughter of St. John said...

"Now with 'beatific vision' & up to 80G to hold all the Angels and Saints and my sermons too!"

Brian Michael Page said...

"iGod" is interpreted according to your locality. If you're in Rhode Island, that could get confused with "Hi God", Carey Landry's infamous collection of really bad kiddie muzak.