Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Latest Crummy Church Sign: Christians Are Like Pumpkins....

"Christians are like pumpkins. God cleans you up and gives you a light and a smile."
spotted by Jeb Naylor, submitted by Kyle Evans, AL. Asst. reviewed also.

Note that God "cleans you up", rather than "cleans you out." It works better on BOTH sides of the stupid simile, yet they still can't get it right. By the way, God also takes your seeds, salts them, roasts them, eats them, then spits out your shells.
See the whole post here.

--I.C., still grading


angelmeg said...

aI have to admit that I used a pumpkin as a demonstration tool with a group of kids early on in my career as a parish administrator. I had it pre cut and I talked about the sacrament of penance and reconciliation and how it restored our relationship with God as I took out the pieces and then I put the light inside to illustrate that it made us shine with the light of His grace from within.

Okay so it was pretty bad, but they seemed to like it.

The Ironic Catholic said...


OK, but it's one thing to do it for kids, another for the whizzing carbound population at large. ;)