Thursday, October 05, 2006

Truth Is Stranger #24: The Sistine Chapel in ... Iowa!

A naturalized American graffiti artist is recreating the Sistine Chapel artwork of Michelangelo in Waterloo, IA. From the website:

A monumental feat will become reality in 2006 in Waterloo, Iowa.

Never before has an attempt been made of such magnitude, but Paco will be the first to push the envelope and take graffiti art to a higher power.

This summer Paco will be the first artist in the world to bring the Sistine Chapel to the Cedar Valley -- all in spray paint.

To be fair, the most talent I display with spray paint is getting it in my hair, up my nose, etc. The artist, a man named Paco Rosic, is doing this freehand and with more detail than one would imagine possible. The pictures are pretty darned impressive. Heck, next time I'm in Waterloo, I'll check it out.

Still, something of this reminds me of living in Nashville for years, home of a life-size Parthenon (yeah, like in ancient Greece), made of sandstone. The local joke was "Our Parthenon is better...Just like the one in Greece but newer."

(Hat tip to Stella Borealis.)



Ray from MN said...

Thanks for the link, I.C.!

I have very little artistic talent but I know how to use a spray can. I can't believe that what he does can be done.

I've admired some of the graffiti tagging that I see around town. But those guys should be sent to look at Paco's work. I suspect they would quit tagging out of embarassment once they had seen it.

And given the prices Paco places on his artwork for sale, he has found a market. The ceiling might turn out to be a nice pilgrimage location for Waterloo, too.

Anonymous said...

Where at in Waterloo?