Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jovial Catholic

(Didn't make that cake. Cute, though.)

As some of you know, "Jovial Catholic" is my long suffering husband. Today (Tuesday) is his birthday. Wish him a Happy Birthday, please! He's the one responsible for the Dr Seuss Does The Catechism post, as well as Reflective Triangle Protects Priests From Exiting Hoards.

By the way, he has expressed a wish to be known as "sic" (short for Spouse of Ironic Catholic). Heh.

As for the other thing happening today...those elections...St. Jude, pray for us.


Potamiaena said...

Happy, happy birthday to you Sic! Best wishes for a great year. Keep 'em coming!

Ray from MN said...

It must be tough, SIC, communicating correctly with someone whose every statement has to be examined for irony and perhaps on bad days, sardonicism and even sarcasm.

Do you carry a pocket thesaurus with you at all times to aid in determining what she wants now?

Happy Birthday, SIC. And if you don't have an unabridged thesaurus, put it on your Christmas list.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Happy Birthday SIC!

Alex Vitus said...

Happy birthday, sic!

CMinor said...

Happy Birthday, SIC!
We enjoyed the Dr. Seuss catechism!

RobK said...

Happy B-Day, SIC!

The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, I can't call my husband sic. It's just not right.

And Ray, let me tell you, one of the first rules of our marriage is that you don't get far with sarcasm in the house. Sarcasm just hurts people, you know? I hope I don't do too much sarcasm here; I'm going to light-hearted let's laugh at ourselves commentary most of the time.

p.s. Jovial Catholic is a free lance writer--you betcha he has a thesaurus, and he knows how to use it!