Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reason #694 the Apocalypse Approacheth

You know how those Mass readings this week before Advent are dark? Really, really dark? End of the world kind of dark? Can't get more pitch than this dark?

They're right. Example A:

Hat tip to Kinda Kitschy (although in this case, no "kinda" about it).
All together now: Bleah.


angelmeg said...

The imenseness of the wrongness of that is staggering.

Melody said...

I take it that you mean it's a true sign of the apocalypse?

sipmac said...

This is really outrageous! Who's the advertising "brain" of that biggie-corp? Shame on Anheuser-Busch!

CMinor said...

That has got to be a joke--"King of Beers" is an Anheuser-Bush trademark and I can't see them taking such a risk. They might just find themselves facing a massive boycott by Christian customers. Also, while the beer can may be identifiable on the original, I can't make out what it says in this picture. It doesn't quite look like Bud to me (and if it isn't, there's a trademark issue.)