Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is The Ironic Catholic

...since the title of the blog has magically disappeared, thanks to Bloggerdom.

Although this title would beg for a fun "This is Spinal Tap" mockumentary...maybe later.

Many thanks to sic and chics in subbing for ic. (Applause, applause!)

UPDATE: ok, the problem wasn't with Blogger, but with ImageShack, a usually great free photo hosting service. I have a new logo up, but don't get too attached...I want to change it, but I am (shudder) switching to Blogger Beta this weekend.

UPDATE pt. 2: Yea, though I walk through the valley of death....
Well, the migration to Blogger Beta seems to have gone OK. And the advent masthead is up, a bit early.
Speaking of that, I'm not pregnant. Read the ticker, folks. Looking forward to celebrating the Incarnation of Christ.


~m2~ said...

let me know how you make out. i am scared to switch.

Raphia said...

umm... about your ticker... doesn't the Incarnation occur when Jesus is conceived?


The Ironic Catholic said...

OK, clarifier #2:

Quite right, but you lose the joke when it gets that wordy...!

angelmeg said...

You got me, for a milisecond I thought there was going to be another Ironic kid running around.

And the feast of the Incarnation is in March as raphia says so yours should say Nativity, but that would be really really picky.

Great to have you back. But Sic did an admirable job in your presence (so long as all the ironic kids are still alive that is)

angelmeg said...

in your absence, not presence

I am posting late at night and should have read through before hitting send.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks Angelmeg!

I guess I'm going to have to re-do that ticker. You got me on the Incarnation in March. Sigh.

Ray from MN said...

Welcome home from the junket, I. I guess that doesn't look very nice, grammatically viewing. Let me start over.

Welcome home from the junket, I.C.

I think the squirmy little ones missed you. You ought to have seen the faces they made before having to eat one of s.i.c.'s home cooked meals and the sight of the littlest squirmy one tossing it up.

Did you actually get an "invite" to switch over to beta, or can we all do it at our inconvenience?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ray, Blogger popping up "hey! move to Beta! everyone's doing it!!!" notes when I logged in, so I bit the bullet. I don't see any problems, and there are some advantages, esp. labels.

Good luck....

p.s. sic is a good cook. I'm sure the vomiting wasn't from that! ;)

p.p.s. No junket, trust me...I was working!!!