Friday, November 03, 2006

Truth is Stranger #25: The Chosen Beer

He'Brew: The Chosen Beer. AKA "Messiah Bold."

OK, we're jealous. When did you last hear of Baptist Bitter? Or Pentecostal Pilsener? Or even Lutheran Lager? Like, never. So if you're in search of a truly divine beer, you'll have to cross the denominational divides big time, and head off to He'brew for "the best (and only) Jewish beer in America".

Full post here at Ship O' Fools, who gets this "I can't believe this is for real" gem from


Alex Vitus said...

Also try Polygamy Porter. It is a good beer.

Theocoid said...

No Anglican Ale either, is there?

broed said...

How about Israel-Lite?