Thursday, November 09, 2006

Truth Is Stranger #26: Are We Sinning Yet?

You know, I'm all for making people think twice, but this does reek of desperation to me:

How much fun can sex be if it's a sin?

Yes, it's an ad campaign by the United Church of Canada to get people to go to the church this blessed feast of the Incarnation of our Lord.

It begs for Woody Allen's amusing but amoral response: "Sex without love is meaningless...but as meaningless acts go, it's pretty good."



angelmeg said...

I'm just thinking out loud here but the evil one wouldn't be very good at his job if sinning wasn't any fun.

I mean if it was completely and utterly excrutiatingly embarassing and painful from the outset who on earth would commit the first sin? Okay, maybe my brother, but he is a moron to begin with.

Tony said...

I think the most ironic thing about this is that sex is the absolutely more pleasurable, transcendent and satisfying when it's with the spouse you love and includes the God who designed it (and is not a sin at all).

Sex outside of those criteria is a pale imitation. It fun rubbing naughty bits together for a few minutes, but it leaves you emptier than when you started.

That is one of Satan's greatest tricks. Taking something perfect, designed by God, and convincing us that we'd like it better if we use it against God's wishes. It becomes less and less pleasurable the further away from God you get. And the less pleasurable it is, the more we become obsessed to do it.

Oloryn said...

Personally, I'm convinced that Satan hates sex. God took what to a proud and rebellious spirit must look like a low animal act and exalted it by making it an integral part of a relationship designed to reflect God's glory (2 become one flesh - where else in the universe do you find that kind of math?). After being himself thrust down in his rebellion, that has to grate. He's put down and this animal *act* is exalted. Ever since he's been doing all he can to have sex dragged back to being a mere animal act, separated from the relationship God intended it for.

Panda Rosa said...

There is that perverse twist that says it's MORE fun if it's a sin, the way food that tastes good is so seldom the kind that is good for our bodies...