Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting, Where Is Thy Sting?

I love this idea--take the sting out of voting for morally compromised candidates by adding a "voticon!" Via The Curt Jester: full post with images here.

...Though the standard emoticons are really not expressive enough. I suggest a new category for voting machines - Voticons. Here are some possible Voticons.

Holding my nose while voting for you

You were the lesser of two devils

After voting for you I think I am gonna spew

I am embarrassed to have voted for you but you sucked less than the other person.

I voted pro-life, please don't disappoint me

Used for politicians like Sen McCain where you are "split" between liking him one day and hating him the next.

Remember this is my wallet not yours, please vote accordingly.


And here is one last one:

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." G.K. Chesterton

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link in your sidebar. I just noticed it! I'll add you to mine.