Wednesday, December 27, 2006

10 Favorite Things That Start With "I"

From a challenge at Coming To The Quiet.

10. Irony (see sidebar)
9. Iambic pentameter (Just not enough of it, I say. Wouldn't the world be more fun if everyone spoke like a Shakepearean play?)
8. Ibuprofen (Been living on it the last few days--strep throat)
7. Ideas (I'm a systematic theologian--I eat ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner....)
6. Idealism (Not nearly enough of that around either)
5. Idiot, The. (The Dostoyesky novel, that is. Haven't read it yet, but any book with the line "Beauty will save the world" has to be a winner.)
4. I and Thou. (A groundbreaking theological treatise from Jewish theologian and philosopher Martin Buber.)
3. Immaculate Heart of Mary, The. (OK, I can't say I have a devotion per se, but my former parish before we moved--which I loved--was named and devoted to the Immaculate Heart)
2. Illumination. (Revelation 22:5: sometimes translated "They will be illuminated, for God will be their light.")
1. Imminence of God, The. (Especially seen at Christmastide, in a tiny, needful baby)

Bonus: Book of Isaiah.

I'm out of town a couple of days. Happy Twelve Days of Christmas and see you Friday!


SIC said...

Irenic Catholic, The. (Def. of irenic: "Promoting peace, conciliatory.") Too few of those around, too.

Antony said...

Nice list! Thanks for playing IC.

Diesel said...