Monday, December 18, 2006

Be A Penitant With Me! Week Three

"Devil's Food Cake" indeed.

How are we doing out there? Learning anything about your relationship with God? Human weakness and failing? Dependance on providence? Attachment to worldly things?

Or just annoyed?

Support group in the comments box. This all started here.

One week until Christmas Day, alleluia!


Antony said...

Hi IC. I guess I missed the check in for week 2. How am I doing? Well I did great until a week ago Friday, when, at my wife's Christmas party, I had consumed a half a piece of chocoltae cheesecake before I even remembered I wasn't eating chocolate! D'oh! Since then I have done ok though, and I expect I'll make it to Christmas without other incident. Am I learning anything? Oh yes, I'm learning the same thing that I learn (and need to keep learning!) each time I foray into fasting of any kind. I learn that I am week and I need God, and I learn that I am way too attached...addicted even, to certain things.

And that annoys me. No, I don't mean that the attempt at doing this annoys me, but that I annoy myself with my weakness.

Just honesty there.

Peace y'all

The Ironic Catholic said...

People have fallen for lesser things than chocolate cheesecake.

Yes, it is humbling to realize how much our minds are centered around things we don't need. That's been my experience too.

Others? Or is it me and Antony on this journey?

Ginny said...

Looks very good right now
I used your advent calendar pic.
I thought that was very cool

The Ironic Catholic said...

Well, folks, my workplace is in crisis, and I can't get into it more than that. Let me just say I really really really really wish I had not given up chocolate. It's been very hard here...and if anyone wants to offer prayers for a special intention (those of you who know who I am know what this has to be).

Still, the fact that I wish for and run to chocolate in a crisis rather than more prayer is (sigh) telling. God have mercy on us.

Honora said...

Praying. :-)