Friday, December 01, 2006

The Friday Funnies

(p.s. The tenure portfolio is in. Ahhhhhh.)

Have a good beginning of Advent weekend!


ray from mn said...

I've wondered for many years how thousands of people can get lost in a desert for forty years.

I mean, even if they moved only a few blocks each day, that would be more than 90 miles a year or 3,600 miles in 40 years. It's not that far from the Red Sea to Canaan! Jeepers Creepers!

If nothing else, might they not have run across a caravan every now and then where they might have gotten directions?

ray from mn said...

I forgot to ask.

Is there a "Cliff's Notes" for tenure portfolios? Someplace where you can adopt some articles to flesh out your submission?

How 'bout using 14 pt type, double spacing and 60 pound paper? Does bulk count in getting tenure in the Irony Department of your University like it does on term papers?

Just wondering.

Congratulations on getting it done and good luck on the orals!

sipmac said...

I think it has to be what I call the "Babel factor". I mean, if God can cause confusion making people speak different languages, of course He can keep His chosen people lost in the desert for forty years...

IC, I'm glad you could finish your portfolio. God bless you!

Allen said...

I love that 1st comic!
Having converted all the Jews in Cornland, IL to Christianity...

pibru, n. The language spoken by Jewish swine.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ray--no Cliff Notes for portfolios. Each university has their own academically intricate set-up. Fun, huh?

p.s. Bulk can count against you--same as in my classes!