Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Christmas Season To You!

Merry Christmas to all! Christ is born!

(And in case you're wondering, I had chocolate pudding for breakfast.)

I believe the Sirius #159 radio interview is still on for today, if people are interested.
UPDATE: Hey, that was fun. I encourage you to check out Lino Rulli's show, "The Catholic Guy," and the rest of that channel, not because I was on it, but because he seems like a very faithful guy with a sense of humor. Drop Sirius a line and tell him to offer that channel (159) through the internet...I bet that would make it easier for everyone, including me, to listen!)



ElaineMomNC said...

I contacted Sirius last week and was told by Rob Astorino, the program director, that they would soon have online streaming and MP3 show files of the Catholic Channel! This is supposed to happen in January.

Elaine in NC

The Ironic Catholic said...

Cool news--thanks Elaine!