Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last Day of Classes, Papers, Exams: ergo, Substitute Humor

Just consider me the humorist's John the Baptist, pointing the way to greater humor in the blogosphere today. I am not worthy to untie their mouse cords.

(And ... my message is also Repent!)

(And and and ... I eat honey sometimes!)

Ok, here they are. Enjoy:

Announcing The Liturgical Police, aka the New Men in Black (Alive and Young)

A Parable For Our Times in a ten second video (Korrektiv)

"I'm making a list and checking it twice too -- God" and other wincables (Crummy Church Signs)

"Let's hope that living water isn't $4.50 a cup" (T-Shirt Tuesday at Kinda Kitschy)

NEW! When Church Signs Talk: not into the Novus Ordo debates much, but this is hysterical (Kansas City Catholic)


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Cubeland Mystic said...

I followed you here from Korrektiv. I like your blog.