Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Local Priest Pelted With Christmas Cookies For Suggesting Fasting During Advent

Sacramento, CA: Well, bah humbug.

Fr. John Romano was pelted by festive parishioners for suggesting in an Advent retreat that penance is the reason for this season...that is, the Advent season.

"He mentioned that our Orthodox brothers and sisters practice this season called 'Christmas Lent' and suggested adding fasting to our Advent practices. Fasting! I mean, my office table has 10 different varieties of Christmas cookies on it, and it's only the first week of December! Has the man completely lost it?" sputtered retreatant Carrie Majors.

"As a visible recognition of the value of our Orthodox brethren--which Pope Benedict XVI highlighted in his recent trip to Turkey--perhaps we can humbly ackowledge that they have practices from which we can learn. Besides, Advent is a penitential season in the Catholic Church. We drape the church in purple, and we just had all these scriptures about the end of the world: the next step on the ladder is judgment. If you mean it when you pray Maranatha--'Come, Lord Jesus'--you will want to assess and get your life in order," suggested Fr. Romano.

According to observers, two retreatants took gingerbread men and pelted them in disgust at Fr. Romano. He smiled and suggested that "disappointment can be turned into longing for God rather than sweets." A child, approximately three years old, then threw a Snickerdoodle at him.

"Ecumenical dialogue requires sacrifices for us all," intoned a crumb-covered Fr. Romano.

The child's mother, who wished not to be named, said she was going to have "a serious talking to" with her toddler son. She added, "I think Fr. Romano has a good point. I'm not sure what the heck to do with our chocolate advent calendars, though."


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Anonymous said...

I know that an Advent practiced in subdued humility has it's advantages and may be traditional. It is just not for me. I will celebrate Advent in orthodoc fashion at some point in my life..maybe. But for me, bring on the parties... let's sing "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!!" There are 40 full and difficult days of Lent coming and I participate in that to be sure. But for now, let's have a little fun. A little fun. Not as much fun as Christmas Day and New Year's, but more than...uh... let's say...Lent?