Friday, December 15, 2006

A Timely Re-run: Grades are "the new idolatry"

I'm giving exams and grading papers today. This post from the Spring is for all the students out there.


IC: Would you explain what you mean by "grades are 'the new idolatry'"?

JD: Sure. It's a takeoff on the Church's "the new evangelization," but it's a slam. We look at the stress around campus as people write research projects, study for finals, do senior presentations--it indicates that we do not first and foremost trust in God. We make getting the A an idol. So in faithfulness to God, we're campaigning for a university without grades.

IC: Ok, and the "Culture of Death" connection...?

JD: We did a quick survey, and not one person in the campus plaza found receiving grades life-giving. Well, OK, one did, but she is on track to be our valedictorian. Most people were quick to agree that grades are the work of the devil. For the good of all, they must be abolished.

Happy studying to all the students out there.

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