Saturday, December 23, 2006

Truth Is Stranger #29: Church Decides To Do Nativity Play With The Beach Boys




I didn't know whether to file this under "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction" or "Evidence the Apocalypse Approacheth."

...Christ's mother Mary is transformed into a "surfer chick" singing "God Only Knows" in the yuletide spectacular put on by St Stephen's church in Tonbridge, southeast of London.

"We were fed up with twee nativity plays ... They are nice but they can just be a bit dull," said youth pastor Jim Prestwood, explaining the thinking behind the show. "It made it a bit more realistic, a bit more attractive to people." (italics added)

Oh, God bless you aging baby boomers, every one.

Story here.

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Anonymous said...

Jim is actually only about 28