Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beatles' Songs Played Backwards: It's Actually Hebrew

Liverpool, England: New technological advances have brought light into an old debate: whether the original Beatles' recordings, played backwards on a record player, yield satanic language or not.

With the advent of digital recording, the remastered songs have been run backwards by avowed Christian music engineer Dustin Logan. "It was amazing," said Logan. "The clarity was breathtaking. The first thing we resolved right away was that the famous 'Paul is dead' sound blip actually says 'St. Paul is dead right'. That was our first clue that this was going to be very different."

What followed was an amazing reversal of expectations. According to Logan, "First, the jumbled words of the original 'backwards recording' digitally state with clarity, Hava nashira, shir alleluia, which is Hebrew for 'Let us sing, sing alleluia'. Another song clearly yields Shalom chaverim, lehitarot shalom which translates 'Peace until we meet again, friends'." We're working on the other songs, but the backwards language is certainly not satanic. It's just ... Hebrew."

Logan mused that people must have assigned nefarious sources to the words simply because they were garbled and in a little known language. "I don't find it that surprising," he said. "Much of their work has a spiritual component, especially the later stuff: Let It Be, The Long and Winding Road, Yesterday, Harrison's My Sweet Lord, etc."

When asked about some of the other drug-laced "frontwards" material, such as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Hey, Jude, Logan shrugged. "Look, man, original sin. That's all I've got to say on that. But at least you can understand what they're saying. Next I'm going to tackle the holy grail--the Kingsmen's Louie, Louie--but even the digitizer and multiple linguists don't yield a clue yet on that one. I sure hope they were praising God...but I'm suspecting they were just wasted."



Melody said...

This brings a new meaning to the term "Beatles spirituality".

Allen said...

Ironically, when you play "Hava Nagilah" backwards, you get "Let It Be."

sipmac said...

Nobody is perfect. Witness the Beatles. John: flirted with christianity only at the end of his life for a brief period. Paul: acknowledged crypto-anti-christian at the beginning (Just as John and the other lads), now agnostic. George: looked for hinduism like I personally wished he looked for Christ. Ringo: incredibly underrated drummer, but was in "the magic Christian". I need to forget all this every time, or else I can't enjoy their music.

DMinor said...

.segassem terces sdrawkcab ni eveileb t'nod I

Be Thou My Vision said...

Thank you so much for sharing this topic/post to us! God Bless!