Monday, January 29, 2007

Coming Up...What To Give Up This Lent

Caffeinated donuts.

(Like I needed more temptation.)

And just think what we could accomplish if we turned our creative energies to, say, eliminating poverty, world peace, religious unity, combatting the culture of death, etc. But no. We have caffeinated donuts to show for our labors.

St. Peter: My son, what did you do in your time on earth?
--I finetuned the holy grail of Dunkin Donuts marketing: the caffeinated kruller.

FYI, I am swamped the next couple of days at work, so I won't be posting again until Wednesday Jan 31. Please feel free to have fun brainstorming and reading the "Better Than 'Porn and Pancakes'" contest entries below.

Peace, I.C.


PraiseDivineMercy said...

And just today I was given the enviable position of "Donut Coodinator." Seriously.

Then I went hope and *gasp* made a blog.

The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, Donut Coordinator sounds like a great title for a blog... ;)

PraiseDivineMercy said...

When I told my friend, she asked if we have a lot of police attending our parish.

Thanks for your comment. I will definitely check out "the amateur Catholics"

angelmeg said...

That has to be a sign of the end times, or the center of a black hole or something.

It is quite funny.

RobK said...

Since you are swamped at work, might I recommend the... caffienated donuts. :)

The Ironic Catholic said...

now that was just wrong.

Godsdaughter said...

How's about "Happiness and Holy Toast" ??

The Ironic Catholic said...

Godsdaughter--I remember to connected me to that! :)

Godsdaughter said...
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Godsdaughter said...

the one and only~
See if I had won the Pancakes and Porn contest with my Happiness and Holy Toast idea, I'd have given away free Holy Toast mold frames to everyone who attended my meeting!!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Godsdaughter--clever. You know, they come out for the freebies!