Monday, January 01, 2007

The Ironic Catholic's Failproof, Stress-Free New Year Resolutions

Still stressed out from the Christmas holiday? Introducing: Stress-Free, Failproof Blogging Resolutions for the Rest of Us! Feel free to make them your own.

  1. I will post something humorous, and no one will laugh.
  2. I will skip a day of posting with no explanation at all.
  3. I will royally mess up the template at least twice.
  4. I will lust after TypePad.
  5. I will use words that make people go "huh?" (like, um, midrash)
  6. I will go a little crazy with the font color function.
  7. I will spend far more time than I care to admit trying to size a picture on this blog.
  8. I will look at someone else's spectacular post and think "Gee, I wish I'd thought of that" at least ten times. Weekly.

Ahhhh. Resolutions we all can keep. My self-esteem is increasing already.

Happy New Year! and...Happy Feast of Mary, The Mother of God!
Heck, Happy World Day of Peace as well! (Kind of a loaded day, don't you think?)



Ray from MN said...

Happy New Year, I.C.!

I finally did look up "Midrash." I'm not sure that I will have many opportunities to us it in a sentence, though.

But I feel better for it.

The Ironic Catholic said...

And feeling good is what it is all about, Ray! ;)

Happy New Year to you too.

Athanasius contra mundo said...

Happy New Year! Those sound like my kind of New Year's Resolutions.
Midrash is just a fun word to say.

Jeff Miller said...

I think you will have a problem with number one.

Melody said...

I'm agreed with Jeff. Are you sure no one will laugh?

I feel all happy for remembering what "midrash" is. *dances*

The Ironic Catholic said...

Jeff, Melody, thanks for the compliment. But trust me.

midrash midrash midrash midrash

Talmud is kinda fun too, but not as much.

angelmeg said...

midrash potatoes,

those are the kind with spices in them right?